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Secure E-communication

Patients in our office can register for a free, secure on-line booking & e-communication service called Pomelo (formerly Health Myself). Using this platform, you are able to book your appointments online with your physician. Some physicians in our office are also available for communications via this secure email tool. Pomelo meets federal and provincial security and privacy standards. This is intended for your physician and our office to email you documents or communications in a secure way.

If you have not already registered for Pomelo, please contact our office for details on how to register. Each member of a family requires their own individual email to register for this service.

Any communications initiated by patients to our office staff or physicians may take up to 72 hours to receive a response. Please do not send any urgent concerns via e-communication.

The Pomelo communication and scheduling tool is different from the Alberta Government My Health Records to access lab results. For the government website, please go to Alberta government MyHealth Records.

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